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Does this servicer participate in HAMP?    Yes
Does this servicer participate in 2MP?    Yes

The above information means that this particular company is one who actively participates in HAMP. Even if the servicer does not participate, all mortgage companies with loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are required to participate in HAMP. Visit the Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Loan Look Up Tool to determine if your loan is held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. However, I believe that you can only get a 2MP modification if both the servicer and investor participate.

Your loan may also be associated with MERS (or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems). Visit the MERS web site to confirm if your loan is a "MERS" loan.


Mailing Address:


Wachovia Mortgage, FSB
4101 Wiseman Blvd
Mailcode TX 1616
San Antonio, TX 78251

Wachovia Bank, NA
1000 Blue Gentian Road Suite 300
Eagan MN 55121

HAMP Application Documents
1000 Blue Gentian Road
Suite 300 X9999-01N
Eagan MN 55121

Customer Service Correspondence
PO Box 10335
MAC: X2302-017
Des Moines, IA 50306

Wachovia (World Savings Originated) will not accept any authorization forms that are not their own. You will need to include a copy of Borrower's Drivers License and a passcode (or else they ask you for all sorts of information about the loan).

Wachovia loans have 9 digits and usually begin with a 0.

Wells Fargo requires that modification documents be updated every 30 days. This entails sending in a 4506-T, Hardship Letter, and Financial Worksheet with updated dates and signatures. This also entails sending in updated bank statements and pay stubs.

Wells Fargo participates in the 2MP program. This means that if you get a HAMP modification on your first lien, you are almost guaranteed a loan modification on your second lien (if your investor participates). More information is available here: 2MP Program

With Wells Fargo Financial, you'll need to call them up and do a modification application over the phone. In this interview, you will tell them your hardship and give them your financial information. They will then assign you to a specialist and give you this person's phone and fax number. At that point, you can fax your loan modification documents over. There is no general 'Loan Modification' fax number.

Fax Numbers Report an Error
866-917-1877 Authorization
866-897-3415 Authorization
866-917-1877 Authorization
210-509-1174 Authorization - Worlds Savings Originated
866-453-6315 Correspondence Dept. Attn: Modification Dept - if Mod. Dept. Fax is busy
866-222-5116 Home Equity Line of Credit
704-427-7515 Home Equity Line of Credit
704-427-9989 Home Equity Line of Credit - Business/Prime
866-729-9592 Loan Modifications
866-260-3962 Loan Modifications
866-359-7363 Loan Modifications
866-289-1506 Loan Modifications & Authorization
866-359-4876 Loan Modifications (for loans with 1st and 2nd with ASC)
800-313-0892 Loan Modifications - Worlds Savings Originated
866-590-8910 Modification Dept.

Phone Numbers



Report an Error
800-340-0570 7am - 5:30pm (PST) Assumptions
866-259-7728 Bankruptcy
877-222-7875, opt. 3, opt 3 Bankruptcy
800-678-7986 Collections
877-357-9227 Collections
866-923-2133 Customer Service
888-345-1335 Customer Service
800-346-3009 Customer Service
866-275-9138 Customer Service
800-416-1472 Customer Service
866-439-3557 Customer Service
800-347-1131 Customer Service (Consumer Home Equity Line of Credit) Home Equity Loans begin with 322 or 3201, 15
800-249-3869 Customer Service (Home Equity Line of Credit) Home Equity Loans begin with 322 or 3201, 15 digits lo
877-222-7875, opt. 3, opt 1 Foreclosure
877-311-3581 Home Preservation
877-913-3376 Home Preservation Overflow
877-913-3376 Home Preservation Overflow
866-903-1053 Liquidation Dept.
888-565-1422 Loan Modifications
800-841-0521 Loan Modifications
866-275-9138 Loan Modifications
866-587-4012 Loan Modifications
888-308-3964 Loan Modifications (Current Loans) - Worlds Savings Originated
800-282-3451 Loan Modifications (Delinquent Loans) - Worlds Savings Originated
866-443-1310 Loan Modifications (Home Equity Line of Credit) Home Equity Loans begin with 322 or 3201, 15 digits
877-222-7875, opt. 4 Loss Mitigation
866-412-6942 Loss Mitigation
800-853-8516 Office of the President
800-443-3429 Refinance



Hardship Packet - Wells Fargo Financial

Wachovia Authorization Form

Wells Fargo Budgeting Statement

Wells Fargo Budgeting Statement

Wells Fargo Budgeting Statement

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