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Does this servicer participate in HAMP?    Yes
Does this servicer participate in 2MP?    Yes

The above information means that this particular company is one who actively participates in HAMP. Even if the servicer does not participate, all mortgage companies with loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are required to participate in HAMP. Visit the Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Loan Look Up Tool to determine if your loan is held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. However, I believe that you can only get a 2MP modification if both the servicer and investor participate.

Your loan may also be associated with MERS (or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems). Visit the MERS web site to confirm if your loan is a "MERS" loan.


Mailing Address:


MHA Escalations Unit
PO Box 940070
Simi Valley, CA

The biggest problem that Bank of America has is that the different departments do not cross-reference with each other. If you e-mail a package to Advocacy and your modification is in review with Home Retention Services, they may not get your documents. I've had files closed out because the fax went to Bank of America, but to the wrong department. My suggestion is to fax your package to 800-658-0395, 866-270-0620, 866-603-4755, and--if you are submitting on someone's behalf, you should also e-mail your package to Bank of America has gotten much better about communicating across department lines, so this may be overkill. However, please let me know if there is any other fax that should be included in this list.

Bank of America has moved to a new system where everyone in modification review has a Customer Relationship Manager (or CRM) who handles their case exclusively. This has made Bank of America's modification review much more efficient, but certain precautions need to be taken so your modification is handled smoothly. When you call your CRM, 90% of the time, you will get a voicemail with a message stating the phone number of the CRM's supervisor and that you should call the supervisor if you do not get a call back from the CRM within 24 hours. The CRM's rarely can get back to you within 24 hours, so I suggest waiting 48 hours, leaving a message for their supervisor, and then allowing 48 hours before calling the Office of the President. If you do not do this, you'll sometimes end up waiting for more than a week with no call back.

I suggest that 3rd Parties should e-mail all the documents to 3rd Party Advocacy and work with a 3rd Party Advocate. 3rd Party Advocacy will communicate via secured e-mail and can actually put information in the message. Due to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Debt Collectors cannot leave any information in voicemail. Therefore, you'll end up playing a bunch of phone tag with CRM's who return calls once a week. It's not very fun.

Fax Numbers Report an Error
800-520-5019 Authorization
847-627-8804, 888-258-7329 Authorization (HOPE Team - send to both numbers)
704-208-2120 Authorization - Home Equity
336-805-9566 Home Equity - 2MP
336-805-2101 Home Equity Line of Credit
866-749-8846 Home Loan Team
866-261-6472 Home Retention - HAMP
800-658-0395 Home Retention - HOPE
866-270-0620 Home Retention Services, Inc.
888-258-7329 Imminent Default - Loan Modifications
866-603-4755 iPortal
800-658-9351 iPortal #2

Phone Numbers



Report an Error
877-327-9225 Advocacy Dept. (only for HUD-certified non-profit third parties)
888-325-6431 Attorney General Program
800-846-2222 Collections
800-669-6607 Customer Service
888-325-5399 HAMP Declines
800-936-6362 Home Equity
800-669-6650 Home Retention (60 days late)
800-731-2224 Home Retention (?)
877-744-7691 Home Retention (Foreclosure Status)
800-669-0102 Home Retention (less than 60 days late)
877-422-1761 Home Retention Services, Inc.
877-200-6930 HOPE Dept.
888-805-2154 Imminent Default
972-526-3610 Office of the President
800-586-9852 Refinance
800-285-6000 Refinance - HARP
866-368-2840 Refinance - HARP II




This one contains "Bank of America N.A C/O Tax Verification Services" in Line 5


This one contains "Home Loan Servicing, LP" in Line 5. Bank of America is not clear on which one to use.

Authorization Form

Cease and Desist Form

If you are working with a 3rd party and you do not want to receive correspondence from Bank of America, use this form.

Financial Worksheet

Hardest Hit Fund Authorization

In order to get assistance in California through the Hardest Hit Fund, you'll need to sign this authorization form.

Non-Borrower Authorization Form

The form allows Bank of America to pull credit for non-borrowers who are contributing to the household income.

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